In our quest to develop an ongoing internal grant program…
There shall be a single endowment fund (The Fund) with separately identified subdivision funds called:

  • the School Endowment Fund
  • the Scholarship Fund
  • the Experimental Ministries Fund
  • the General Fund.

Through the Fund, the Parish Planning Council will accept lifetime and testamentary gifts intended to further God’s work.

The purpose of the School Endowment Fund is to provide long-term financial assistance
to Trinity Academy in its efforts to provide a Kindergarten- Eighth Grade  education program of academic excellence while fostering the development of each student’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

After a suitable selection process, at least annually, the Trustees/School Administration shall recommend to the TLC Management and Spiritual Life Team grants for faculty professional development, tuition assistance for students in need, technology upgrades, or facility/classroom improvements. Grants shall not be made for staff salaries, routine curriculum, maintenance/utilities or loan principal payments.

Recent Grants Awarded

  • Updated Safety equipment and walkie talkies for each room 2020
  • Anti-bullying assembly with Tasha Schuh spring of 2020
  • Document Cameras for each classroom
  • Outdoor Classroom donation
  • Flexible Seating in the Classrooms

To Donate:
Please download the donation form and mail to
Trinity Academy 1205 Sixth Street, Hudson, WI 54016