Trailblazers Summer Camp

Trinity Trailblazers have been serving families in the Hudson area for 5+ years.  Our summer camp is for students entering Kindergarten through elementary school and is open to the public.

The Trailblazers Staff guide students in a variety of on-campus activities including bible and faith based lessons you would normally see at vacation bible school camps.

Their weekly schedule allows for off-campus field trips twice a week. Students have the opportunity to experience local businesses that create an impact on our community, as well as ventures into the Twin Cities to museums, parks, theaters and sporting events. Trips are also made to the Hudson Public library every other week so the students are able to continue their literacy/language skills year round by checking out library books and reading over the summer.

Trailblazers strive and understand the importance of giving back. Several activities are planned on/off campus for the students to engage with members of our community including visits to our East Campus, The Trinity Early Childhood Academy, and special interactions with the summer preschool children.

Our first day of camp will be on Monday, June 13, 2022.  For more information, please contact Ms. Tammy Langness at

The 2022 online registration form will be posted in March/April 2022.


Trinity Tutoring

Trinity Academy offers summer private and small group tutoring during the summer months.  Arrangements are made directly with teachers.

Hudson Public Schools

Trinity Academy students may participate in the public summer school program held during the summer. Look for details on the Hudson Public school website.  Depending upon teacher recommendation some students are eligible for a remedial reading and math summer program.