Early Childhood Academy Faculty – East Campus, 715-381-1414
Name Position E-mail
Amy Radke Director of Early Childhood Ministries aradke@trinityhudson.org
Gail Kennebeck Administrative Assistant gkennebeck@trinityhudson.org
Wrap Around Care and Extended Day Faculty – 6th Street West Campus, 715-386-9349 ext. 3
Name Position E-mail
Lindsay Polk Coordinator of Wrapcare, Trinity Extended Day and Summer Trailblazer Program lpolk@trinityhudson.org
Preschool Faculty – 6th Street  West Campus, 715-386-9349 ext. 1
Name Position E-mail
Tammy Langness Administrative Assistant schooloffice@trinityhudson.org
Paige Hartung Teacher Pre-K I-Purple/Orange HSD4K phartung@trinityhudson.org
Cindy Nelsen Teacher 3 year olds cnelsen@trinityhudson.org
Erin O’Connor Teacher Pre-K I I, Little Warriors  HSD4K edailey@trinityhudson.org
 Steve Schoenecker  Principal and Director of Educational Ministries  sschoenecker@trinityhudson.org
Elementary and Middle School Faculty, 715-386-9349 ext. 1
Name Position E-mail
Emily Steffen Art Teacher esteffen@trinityhudson.org
Kristin Benschine Music Teacher kbenschine@trinityhudson.org
Tammy Langness Administrative Assistant schooloffice@trinityhudson.org
Lisa Blair Food Service lblair@trinityhudson.org
Stacey Dabruzzi Second Grade Teacher Curriculum Coordinator sdabruzzi@trinityhudson.org
Ryan Anderson Social Studies/Math Athletic Director, Dean of Students randerson@trinityhudson.org
Christine Krusell Kindergarten Teacher ckrusell@trinityhudson.org
Stephanie Straka Middle School Language Arts/Faith sstraka@trinityhudson.org
Andrew Malsack Middle School/Math and Science Teacher amalsack@trinityhudson.org
Heather Baar Physical Education Teacher hbaar@trinityhudson.org
Whitney Zhu Choir, Band & Orchestra Teacher wzhu@trinityhudson.org
Steve Schoenecker Principal sschoenecker@trinityhudson.org
Melissa Gruenes Fourth Grade Teacher mgruenes@trinityhudson.org
Char Selleck First Grade Teacher cselleck@trinityhudson.org
Kelsie Most Third Grade Teacher kmost@trinityhudson.org
Matthew Johnson Fifth Grade Teacher mjohnson@trinityhudson.org
Annie Wright Geography/Math awright@trinityhudson.org
Leah McLean Health Clerk/Office Aide acadadmin@trinityhudson.org
Katie Fredrickson School Counselor kfredrickson@trinityhudson.org