Class Curriculum

Technology is taught weekly to Kindergarten through fifth grade. Instruction is delivered by our technology teacher, Mr. Malsack.  Middle School technology is taught by trimester.

Trinity Academy’s Technology Team meets every other month to discuss technology needs and update the long range plan.  This team ensures that Trinity is up to date with the ever changing classroom technology.


Students are able to demonstrate the ability to log on and off using their password, with minimal assistance. Along with this, is learning the basic computer components: mouse, keyboard, CPU, monitor, printers, scanner and CD-Rom. The children demonstrate proper care and use of the equipment. Show correct use of input and output devices (mouse, keyboard, printer).

Grade 1

Describes and demonstrates the correct use of input and output devices (mouse, keyboard, printer) along with the ability to use age-appropriate software. Students showcase the ability to identify basic computer components, what they do, and use basic computer terminology. Also, students learn the ability to log on and off using their usernames and password; along with the ability to open, run, and close a program.

Grade 2

Technology competencies include the ability to open, run and close a program from either a disk or a network; demonstrating the correct use of input and output devices (mouse, keyboard, printer); and identifying and defining computer components and basic terminology. Creating a program using a word processing program is required, along with creating a picture using a paint, draw, or graphics software program.

Grade 3

Third graders utilize keyboard tutorials to learn proper touch keyboarding techniques, saving a document on a disk or network server, identifying different types of computer software, and developing and editing documents using a word processing system. Students also use the internet and other on-line resources. By the end of the year, students demonstrate the ability to log on and view information from a pre-selected internet site and use a “creativity software” program to create card, banners, and signs.

Grade 4

Practices touch keyboarding techniques and uses a “presentation software” program. Fourth graders use “special features” of a word processing program in a document and are able to identify and use simple search engines and directories.

Grade 5

Fifth graders showcase the ability to use a variety of technology skills that includes using touch keyboarding techniques, sending and retrieving e-mail, and using “special features” in a presentation software program. Students are able to identify the importance of privacy for personal information as well as demonstrate proper etiquette in all forms of communication.

Grades 6th – 8th

Students begin a three year course of study.  The goal of the course is to provide students with a well rounded knowledge of computer skills.  Students meet twice per week during the course of a trimester to develop and refine their skills in the area of technology.  Core units of study include keyboarding, word processing, internet research, power point, multi media and Publisher.  The Easy Tech program supports the learner.