Dear Friends of Trinity:

As the principal at Trinity Academy I would like to tell you about our school and why we feel that Trinity Academy is the best choice for your middle school students’ academic and social success.

Jim Faye, author of Parenting with Love and Logic, addressed a group of 600 middle school and high school parents in my previous school district, sharing with them tips and skills for parenting.  While this was not a Christian presentation he has always presented with an underlying tone of Christianity.  He said this to the group “When your child is picking out your nursing home do you want your child to have only focused on excellent grades and GPA or do you want them to be a person of good character?”

I am here to say I am confident that at Trinity your child will leave the middle school with foundational faith and strength of character that is a direct result of your parenting in partnership with their education at Trinity.  Furthermore they will have all the tools and background necessary to meet the rigors of high school through our curriculum and differentiated instruction.   High school programming will look different for each student and you, as their parent, along with recommendations from their teachers will help guide that process wherever they go for high school.  For example, some students will be ready to begin  Algebra as a freshman and other students may have already mastered Algebra at Trinity and be ready to begin geometry.  We continue to evaluate and refine our middle school programming as we plan for the future and continue to grow.

The atmosphere and culture that has been established at Trinity is unique.  It is one that emphasizes life skills and character development from a Christian perspective.  We have the privilege and opportunity to work with students and guide their learning academically, socially and spiritually in a much more intimate environment as they work through the process of growing up.  If necessary we can drop everything to deal with a pre-teen meltdown at a moment that is critical for that child. He/she does not need to wait in a long line in the office or wait until the next day when an adult is available to work through a resolution. We can provide guidance and nurturing as they work through all those emotions that are driven by the changes happening in their bodies.  At Trinity I believe they have the opportunity to grow into teenagers at a pace that is just right for you and for them.   Many of our middle school students still like to swing, climb on the bars and enjoy their time outside.  They like to say hello or give a hug to their siblings during the day and give a high five to the younger students.  Yet at the same time, they like the privileges that come with being in the middle school, such as their limited uniforms, leadership opportunities and changing classes.  This is a perfect environment for kids to muddle through those awkward years in a place that is accepting of all children and surrounded by caring adults.  Trinity Academy is a place where you know your child’s peers and their families, which is a big advantage at this time in your child’s life when the peer influence starts to become greater than parental influence.

Having your child attend Trinity Academy Middle School is an investment in your child’s future.  Many Trinity alums have gone off to colleges such as Madison, Eau Claire, the U of M along with technical and trade schools.  Whatever path God has planned for your child, it is our hope that your child will leave here with the confidence and tools necessary to excel academically, have a strong faith and they have learned to let Jesus be their life guide.  They have strength of character that allows them to make bold, yet positive decisions in social settings even if it means walking away from peers.  They desire to strive to reach their own potential and will be disciples for Christ using their gifts and talents to make an impact in their home, community, and world.