Trinity Academy is grateful to St. Croix Valley Magazine for recognizing us as the Best Private Preschool and Childcare for 2021, 20172019.


“Our last child is now graduating, and the last to walk the halls of Trinity Academy.  We’ve had 4 children attend this faith-filled Academy since 2001 and saying “good-bye” has a sweet/sorrow to it.  Our 4 were all so positively impacted by the nurturing environment and yet challenged intellectually and each developed faith-based leadership qualities we are proud to recognize.  We want to thank the entire body of Trinity Academy and how each of you has given of yourselves to ensure our children are equipped to reach others for Christ and lead the next generation.  We are so indebted.

Our deepest gratitude, Dave and Stephanie Ousdigian

Comments from current students

“To be a Warrior means you are honest, faithful, caring and do what is right.” 7th grade girl

“As a Trinity Warrior, it is my honor and duty to represent Trinity Academy in a way that is honorable to myself, my teachers, my family, my community and to God.  Being a Trinity Warrior has not only taught me many life lessons, but it has also changed my life in a way that  I could never begin to express.  I am very thankful for Trinity Academy and it is an honor to be considered a Trinity Warrior.”-7th grade boy

“Individual academic attention has enabled our children to thrive and develop a lifelong love of learning.”

– Troy & Darcy Vargas, Parents

“We love trinity academy because of the family culture and parent involvement. All of the teachers, leadership and staff truly know our children.”

– Pete & Melissa Scharber, Parents

“Trinity has provided my children opportunities outside the classroom to develop in their areas of interest.”

– Mike Gruenes, Parent

“I am a graduate of Trinity Academy. I attended Trinity first at the Family Center for preschool and then here from kindergarten all the way up through 8th grade. Now that my freshman year at Hudson High School is coming to a close, I can honestly say that Trinity prepared me academically for high school like no other school could. Additionally, Trinity is where you make lasting relationships, memories, and friendships. You have experiences with your classmates and learn life lessons that cannot be erased. You rely on those friendships when you need them. Your Trinity friends will be there for you when you find yourself sad, lonely, or worried because you don’t know anyone in your science class. Your Trinity friends will also be there in the good times when you make the basketball team or get an A on a math test. Your Trinity friends will be there because they know you and they accept you.”

– Ben Land, Class of 2018

“I graduated from Trinity Academy in 2007, when the school only offered classes through 5th grade (and was named Trinity Lutheran School). I credit much of my academic and extra-curricular successes in the public school system to the excellent foundation that Trinity provided to me in my early childhood. After my high school graduation I attended St. Olaf College, where I pursued my bachelor’s degree; the close-knit community, rigorous academics, and deeply passionate student body were decidedly familiar to me, an echo of my time at Trinity. While at St. Olaf I continued my previous involvement in choral music, became a member of the Association of Computer Machinery, performed research, and worked as Chief Technology Officer for the Student Government Association. Following my graduation in December of 2017, having completed courses of study in both Computer Science and Mathematics, I now apply the skills that my education gave me as a Software Engineer at Pandora in San Francisco, CA. It is a thrill every day to be able to work at the intersection of two of my greatest interests: music and technology; this career would not be possible were it not for the many teachers and mentors that dedicated themselves to helping me develop as a person, I am thankful especially for the many such people that I encountered at Trinity.”

– Elijah Verdoorn, Class of 2007

“One of the countless things that Trinity Academy has taught me is to trust in God’s plan at all times, especially during those times of tribulation. This lesson has paved the way for me to thrive in my spiritual and intellectual growth as a student and as a person. While there is nothing wrong with utilizing the public school system, Trinity’s education and teaching methods were by far superior and more relevant to today’s world, which I feel has significantly impacted my intellectual growth. Many people expect students who attend a private, Christian school to be enclosed in a Christian bubble, but unlike public schools where religious beliefs are hushed, Trinity gave me the freedom to question and think about my beliefs and the world in a safe, accepting environment. As a young student, I believe that being able to express my opinions and being able to praise God while in school gave me an advantage. I had the support of my inspiring teachers, pastor, and family to ask questions in and outside the classroom about what I was learning and each question was treated as significant and was answered with care.”

– Anne Carper, Class of 2015

“When we moved to Hudson two years ago, we were blessed to find Trinity Preschool for our then three-year-old daughter Hannah. I could not have imagined a better introduction to formal education than our experience with Mrs. Nelsen, whose name surely appears directly behind the dictionary definitions for “Patient” and “Gracious.” The growth in Hannah’s school aptitude over the course of that first year was tremendous. Then, when we heard about the new 4k initiative from the Hudson School District, we were uncertain. Would our daughter experience the same educational rigor and classroom standards that Trinity has built a reputation on? And more importantly, would she continue to learn about Jesus in the classroom? I can tell you as this year is coming to a close, the answer to those questions are a resounding “yes!” Mrs. Krusell navigated the new changes expertly and provided a seamless transition in her classroom. Hannah attends chapel every week and learns about Jesus and the Bible during Faith Formation time. We know this because she shares these truths with us at home, and we often hear her singing praise songs. Academically, Hannah’s progress has exceeded our expectations. With exposure to Spanish, Music and Physical Education, along with a proven social skills curriculum, Hannah has developed strong Kindergarten-readiness skills. Because of these experiences, coupled with the strong friendships Hannah has made with her peers and teachers, we have decided to enroll Hannah in Kindergarten at Trinity Academy. Trinity has truly become an extended family for us; we feel known and important in this community, and we are excited to continue our daughter’s education here.”

– Pete and Julie Hilman, Parents