Article 8 Section 1 of Trinity Church Constitution states:

A. Organization and Role – The School Advisory Board shall be comprised of at least (6) members; five (5) voting members elected by the congregation at least (4) of whom shall have children enrolled in programs in the school, plus one (1) representative appointed from the Board of Directors. The Trinity Academy Advisory Board may appoint an additional board member who is a parent and not a member of Trinity Lutheran Church.  The Academy Advisory Board shall be to advise and assist the academy administrator in the operations of the school, preschool, and childcare programs of Trinity Academy.   The Advisory role will include input into policy development, hiring, and performance review of staff and faculty, curriculum review, accreditation, finance, facilities, and program budget.

Current School Advisory Board Members

Rich Farchoine
Nancy Donovan
Nancy Wendell
Sarah Yernberg
Josh Schommer
Katie Fredrickson
Heath Meyer
Alison Johnson, Principal and Director of Educational Ministries
Shannon DeVos, Director of Early Childhood Ministries (Wrapcare, Trinity Early Childhood and Trinity Extended Day)