Math Course I:  Core units of study include:  numbers, operations, statistics, decimals, fractions, patterns relationships, algebraic thinking, measurement, and geometry.  Typically a sixth grade course.

Math Course II:  Core units of study include:  Introduction to algebra and functions, fractions, proportions, percentages, statistics, data analysis, probability, geometry and measurement.  Typically a seventh grade course.

Pre-Algebra: Core units of study include:  Rational numbers and equations, proportions and similarity, linear and nonlinear functions, two and three dimensional space and data sets.  Typically a seventh or eighth grade course.

Algebra:  Students will explore the various forms of the language of which Algebra is basic in the understanding to advanced mathematics.  Students will gain confidence in using variable and functions to model numerical patterns and relationships.  Students must have mastered the arithmetic of whole numbers and fractions to be successful in Algebra.  Typically an eighth grade course.

Geometry:  Curriculum is offered through Wisconsin Virtual School.  Students who complete this high school course are ready to progress to Algebra II.

 Mrs. Katherine Gonzales